Address Unknown

The song return to sender sung by Elvis Presley years ago and written by Otis Blackwell & Winfield Scott contains an important lesson I wish to share. I gave a letter to the postman, He put it his sack. Bright and early next morning, He brought my letter back. She […]


I am happy to stand with American citizen and  South African Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne both financially and in prayer for a mighty shake up of the spiritual realm as Father pours out His Spirit upon all flesh.

You are obedient

Coming out of the message I wrote recently –Being an Overcomer– I want to say a few things about Obedience. For the claim is that ‘an Overcomer is one who is perfectly obedient to God in all things. Thus it will only be the Overcomers who are raptured….and transformed to […]