God went surfing today

I was driving down to the ocean this afternoon for a surf and on my right was this Love Cloud…at least that’s what I saw…

A big Love heart on it’s side. Anyone else see that? My daughter didn’t at first.

I guess we see what we are looking for.

I am wanting to see Father’s love everyday. It is all around us you know….His Love that is.

How could it not be all around us–for He is all around us and through us and inside us.

The water was so warm, even though it is the Southern Ocean. I surfed in only board shorts, no need for a wet-suit.

The sun was shining down His Loving touch….there were two large schools of Salmon swimming nearby…and a few fisherman on the beach….another surfer out with me as his children and wife played in the shorebreak having fun…a million miles from trouble and pain.

I remind myself that “FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD”–He still loves the World He created and gave Man dominion over.

He created the Earth to be inhabited and to be enjoyed. He created us as His image to look after this earth and to enjoy it.

Fancy that hey–God went surfing today and God had lots of fun doing it with and AS me.


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