Life’s a beach

After working 12 days in a row I like to get down the beach and relax. The ocean contains all the same minerals and trace elements that our bones are made from and which the body needs. So getting into the ocean regularly is very healthy for us.  Also from the sun our skin makes vitamin(it’s not really a vitamin but a hormone)D3 which is essential for a healthy immune system.

If you can get some I recommend you buy some sea water derived minerals which have the sodium content lowered. We get ours from Amena’s Sea Minerals or from Super Sea Minerals which both source their water from the east coast of Australia.


the wonderful ocean where I go…..


The whole world is panicking which is exactly what TPTB want everyone to do. Don’t succumb to fear, remember and tell yourself out loud that Father is sharing all things with you….even this latest worldwide event. Father has not moved away from you…and you have not moved away from Him. Christ Jesus is in you even as your spirit bears witness with His Spirit that you are a child of God.

So child of God…..walk tall knowing that you HAVE ALREADY DIED…on the Cross inside of Christ. Now your life is hid with Christ inside of God…and when Christ who is your very life shall be revealed you also shall be revealed in Him. Your life is the Life of Christ…..and He is always for others. He is always laying down His life for others….even His enemies.

So this week know that wherever you are, at work still, in lockdown, wherever….if you have Jesus alive inside …then you are for their sakes.  You are the aroma of LIFE to those around you.








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