A time to bear down

By Dennis on 4 Jul 2015, 9:41 

I was present at the birth of all of my children.

As we know, the woman cannot resist pushing when it comes time for the baby to be born. Her body has held this little life for 9 months and now it is time to bring it forth.

Revival is like this.

Someone must bring it forth from their womb of prayer.

Someone must carry the baby.

Someone must conceive and incubate and nourish this Life of God.

Is it you?

It always annoyed me when I was a churchman the many prayer meetings that seemed to be about praying for the needs of that particular church.

What about the Baby!?

Thankfully all over the world God has deposited His revival into the hearts of people who know nothing else other than bringing it forth. A woman carrying a baby does not think of too much else other than the life she is carrying inside.

“How much longer, how much longer?” “When is the due date?”

Revival is God’s baby.[Now 5 years later, I understand that God is not bringing Revival but the full manifestation of the Sons of God]

And He has appointed midwives to help bring it forth.

These are Houses of prayer called to bring forth the purposes of God into the earth. Called to manifest what is still only in the spirit, hidden as it were in the womb.

Yesterday was a different day for me. I have been drawing near to the Lord over the last few weeks in repentance. Some things in my belief system have been brought back into order. I have been cleansed of a few things that have been keeping me barren. I will write about those things another time.

But as I lay on the floor treating my blocked ear with ear drops I began to pray. It was quite odd because I have not been able to hear a thing out of my left ear for a week. Then yesterday my right ear blocked up as well!! I lay there feeling like I had plugs in both ears, totally deaf, hearing my voice from inside my head.

I began asking the Father to pour out His Spirit on all flesh in our day. To pour out His Spirit on us, on me! To pour out His Spirit on our town and our state and nation of Australia. As I prayed like this I was led into a prayer of repenting on behalf of the Church. The issue was our lack of power to deliver anyone. Our total lack of power and authority to set the captives free. We have failed to bring any deliverance into the earth…we have been as it were giving birth only to wind! We have been like Satan who wanders about to and fro throughout the earth, choosing what he will do, what he will not do, going here, going there, and have not submitted ourselves under the hand of the Lord.

To the prisoners and the slaves of sin we offer words that have no power to set them free. We give sweet platitudes about why God does not heal them. We have failed them. I repented with many cries and tears as I lay there. And the Spirit in me was crying , sobbing inconsolably, saying…there is no one to stand in the gap…there is no one repairing the breach…no one!! I wept much and was brought totally undone by the strength of His grief. There is no one who is healing and setting the prisoners free…Just powerless messages with no signs following. Where is Jesus!? Where is the God of Jesus!? O that we would be anointed as Jesus of Nazareth was and go about doing good and healing all who are oppressed by the Devil. That all would see that there is a God who loves them.

This is the beginning of travail to bring forth the baby. Maybe you too are called to lay before the Lord and cry to Him mightily?

Isa 26:17 As a woman with child Is in pain and cries out in her pangs, When she draws near the time of her delivery, So have we been in Your sight, O LORD.

Isa 26:18 We have been with child, we have been in pain; We have, as it were, brought forth wind; We have not accomplished any deliverance in the earth, Nor have the inhabitants of the world fallen.

Enough is enough!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I heard the Spirit shouting. Enough of dead religion! Enough of weak pathetic powerless Christianity E-N-O-U-G-H!!!!

This thing in us will be birthed into the earth and OOOh what a powerful thing it will be. Nations shall fall under the power of God, as those on fire with His life and power arrive on the scene. I am not just saying this out of my head. I am declaring what I have pumping and alive in my spirit! Friend…is there anyone who believes in God anymore? Is there anyone who believes for miracles and nationwide deliverance anymore!?

I am talking about millions being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, being cleansed of all hurts and sicknesses, being totally turned around for Jesus. All over the world God is about to release many many fire-starters who will kindle the flames of revival worldwide. None of this will happen without it first being birthed in prayer and intercession.

Phew okay okay!!!!

Back to today April 2nd 2020

Why have we failed to bring forth the Baby of God?

Well for one thing the baby of God is not a revival!! Revive what!! A Christianity that feeds on death, the Law, outer performance, a super Christ,?? A Christianity that has not brought forth God’s desire into the earth? No!! Father is wanting to reveal His Son Jesus in His called out people. This is what Paul laboured towards….that ‘Christ may be formed in you’

Gal_4:19  My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you,

The Baby of God is Romans 8 – The manifestation of the sons of God setting all creation free into the same liberty as sons walk inside of. The birthing is a NEW AGE –the Kingdom of His LOVE inside of which we love one another laying down our lives for each other.

Christ Jesus being formed in you is what all this pressure and shared travail is all about. God shall do it. God shall bring forth His Son Jesus in you…and AS YOU.



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