UPDATE: 16TH May 2020 : I have invited a sister from South Africa to share whatever things the Lord has put in her heart — so you will be able to read her words here too as she posts them. Enjoy!


Dennis Rhodes

Right from the moment you were born into this world you began to develop a story of self all your own based upon the information you received from your surroundings and your senses. This self story that you tell yourself forms the very basis of who you imagine yourself to be. The perspective I take and present here on this blog is that we humans are created in the image and likeness of God. But the understanding of God I wish to remain inside of and to present to you is that God is very different from what  we have been told and even what the translators have told us.

My own experience in life and as a  believer has caused me to ask tough questions of my faith and to follow through with the answers even if those answers fly in the face of so called “correct” theology.  I want to walk in freedom don’t you?  I want to know the truth and to walk in the truth. I want with all my heart to shed all lies and delusion and to walk in the clear bright shining light of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that in knowing the truth you shall be made free.

Well…I have struggled so much with truth and error, darkness and light, good and evil….wrong and right. I have walked through the valley of despair. I have been downtrodden and oppressed. I have wrestled with sin and sins and known victory and joy. I have been a Baptist cessationalist, a Pentecostal Hell preacher, a Charismatic Holy Ghost baptiser, an Anglican kneeler at the Altar…I have preached in India and in Africa and seen many (over 120) Muslim people convert to Jesus Christ. I have seen many people healed of various ailments all to His Glory.


Something inside is not satisfied. I have Jesus Christ, that I know.  I have His righteousness as a garment. I have His Life as my own. I have His joy and Peace to enjoy…..yet for all this I am dogged by another  who would drag me back into the old self story to ‘make something of my life’.

This it would seem is something that afflicts many Christian men and women, but I suspect it affects mostly men.

There is a REST  for the people of God and it is found inside of Jesus Christ.

However, there is no rest for us as long as we listen to , and speak a different self story than the one God has for us.

In my wrestling with Father and the old mind sets, little pieces of light have come into my darkness and shown me the difference between Life and Death…between Union in Christ and a self separated from Him. This is what I write about and I hope that my weak words are of some help for you in your own journey of discovering who you really are.
One thing I know is that you are condemned no more! Not by God….perhaps by other’s even by your own imagined self….but certainly not by your Father, God.

Jesus Christ is the ransom paid for your redemption. All condemnation or judgement that was against you has been taken care of by Jesus for He bore all your iniquities in His own body on the tree. He became a curse that we might not live under the curse of the Law. You have been justified…HAVE BEEN. You have been forgiven all sins–have been!! You are made the very righteousness of God in Him…ARE!!

Dennis Rhodes

Manjimup, Western Australia


When I first came to Jesus my first church was Christian Outreach Centre in Perth, Western Australia back in 1989 to 1990–Here they are recently: But in 1998 I had a clear dream in which I had to choose between the church and the wilderness.