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Some messages recorded in the work truck

I was trying to record the reading of scripture…oh well.

Various Audios

Jesus is come in the flesh
Me praying in tongues one day while being under attack
Has the Holy Spirit fallen upon you yet?
A word of Encouragement during Lockdown
The need of tongues
What does God want?
Embraced by God
David wanted a UNITED HEART


Sharing about Christ living in you by faith according to Paul’s Gospel

Chocolate Macarons
A classic French delicacy, filled with rich chocolate ganache

Crêpe Suzette
Delicate crêpe in buttery, orange sauce; served flambé

Praline Cake
Multi-layer praline and chocolate cake with caramel cream cheese

Tarte Tatin
Sticky caramel sauce with apples, served with whipped cream

Lemon Tart
zesty lemon tang, creamy custard and topped with meringue

Trio of Fruit
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums and passion fruit

Our fish is responsibly caught from sustainable sources.