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Dennis Rhodes

A middle aged Aussie who at age 28 was going through a marriage breakdown and ultimately was apprehended by God for crimes he certainly did commit--at least that's what I thought soon afterwards when I started attending church services. I began to hear the "Gospel" preached every day either at services in the Pentecostal church or via countless hours of audio tapes and many books.
The message I heard was a very very serious message! It was basically this---"God loves you but if you walk in the flesh and do not obey God...and die that way you will be cast into Hell forever and ever. And all those who do not believe including your family, children, friends everyone--shall definitely burn in Hell forever because they did not receive Jesus."
I lived in that message for 22 years. I preached it to whoever I could--"Turn or burn...for God loves you!" I could not see that the contradiction in that statement was totally inline with the contradiction inside of myself. I had no idea of the inner discord and disconnect that existed between my mind and my heart.
My heart loved God and knew God's love for me......BUT my mind knew nothing of His love and was terrified of His wrath.
So over the course of those 22 years I failed miserably to obey God which led me into a valley of despair where eventually I feared that I would end in Hell forever. I was sure that God was tormenting me with all the unreasonable commands to be good, be loving, be kind, be merciful, be faithful, do this do that, worship Me, give money, do not do this, do not do that, etc etc etc. I could not do it!!
Thus I write of these things and the way out of that turmoil.
Today I am resting in perfect union inside of my God which is where my Father dwells--in my heart through Jesus The Way. Oh, and I drive trucks for a living in the south west of Western Australia about 300km from Perth.
Drop in anytime. :)

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