Say Same Word

In the most terrible time of despair in my life back in the second half of 2010 the Father heard my cry and led me somehow to the writings of Daniel Yordy. Over and over again the Spirit of Jesus Christ has confirmed His word to me through this wonderfully unassuming brother.

On this page you will hear some of his writings read by myself primarily for my own edification.

Yet I believe that they will also edify you.

Please visit Daniel’s website to discover the mystery of God now made known as you.


The Jesus Secret Version of selected books in the New Testament translated by Daniel Yordy

I Thessalonians 1


I Thessalonians 2


I Thessalonians 3


I Thessalonians 4


I Thessalonians 5


II Thessalonians 1


II Thessalonians 2


II Thessalonians 3


II Thessalonians


Galatians 1


Galatians 2


Galatians 3


Galatians 4


Galatians 5


Galatians 6


Colossians 1


Colossians 2-3


Colossians 4




Romans 1


Romans 2


Romans 3


Romans 4


Romans 5


Romans 6


Romans 7


Romans 8



Personalization of the Scriptures to be spoken out loud to oneself

The Jesus Secret Version II by Daniel Yordy

Romans – speaking Christ personal- 1 hour

 Colossians – Page 147-152


 Colossians – page 152b


 Colossians – page 155-159


Colossians – page 160-163